8 Ways to Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Pubblicato: 07/04/2013 in Beauty tips

There are many physical changes to your body during pregnancy. One common change to a woman’s skin is the dreaded stretch mark. Stretch marks are a separation of the top layer of skin caused by over-stretching. Some women who have quickly gained or lost weight, or hit a growth spurt during puberty, may already have stretch marks prior to becoming pregnant. The most common areas to see them are hips, abs, breasts, thighs, and butt.

Here are 8 ways to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy:

1. Rub oil on your abs from the very beginning of your pregnancy. Vitamin E, flax, olive or baby oil will work. Massage it onto any stretched areas after you get out of the shower to keep the skin soft.
Homemade recipe: 1 ounce sweet almond or jojoba oil mixed with 7 drops of lavender and chamomile oils

2. Exercising consistently will help keep your muscles toned and your skin tighter. Also, gaining less fat during your pregnancy will prevent excess weight gain and lessen the amount that your skin stretches.

stretch marks 8 Ways to Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

3. Eating healthy foods such as blueberries, dark green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, carrots, nuts and seeds will help to make your skin healthy.

4. Drinking plenty of water will keep your skin hydrated helping it stretch without tearing.

5. Do your best to have consistent weight gain during pregnancy since gaining excess weight in a short amount of time can cause stretch marks. It can be hard to control sometimes during pregnancy, but working out regularly and eating well while pregnant and postpartum will help.

6. Using cocoa butter on the skin is a common remedy for stretch marks. As with the oil, it is best used daily throughout pregnancy and after delivery to prevent them because once the skin is stretched and marks are visible it may be too late.

7. Wear a supportive maternity bra to avoid stretch marks around breasts.

8. Massage skin regularly to increase circulation not only after shower, but also in the morning and before bed.

There is no miracle way to avoid getting them, or getting rid of them that I know of.  If possible, preventing stretch marks is more effective than trying to fix them. If you have stretch marks you can thank your parents, since heredity plays a large role in whether you will get them or not. Thanks mom!

Is there anything that you tried that either helped prevent or get rid of stretch marks?




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